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Infinitely Smarta

Endless Opportunity, Limitless Application

We Are a Smarta business network, curated and connected, for collective growth.

Our Mission is to empower the entrepreneur, build meaningful business relationships and reap the collective rewards.

What Is It?

A simple yet sophisticated business development framework that ensures scalable success.

Is it for you?

Remarkable Cost-effective Growth

Smarta is a community of likeminded independents who want to do good business together. If you are someone who loves doing more with less and wants access to loyal customers, Smarta will help you maximise your marketing by introducing you to individuals that matter. If you are someone looking for great value products and services at unrivalled prices, Smarta will connect you with trusted suppliers.

The core benefit of using Smarta when looking to generate new business is two fold:

  • The search is filtered so you only deal with qualified leads.
  • The customer acquisition cost is fixed and paid in arrears unlike other lead generation services who charge you upfront whether you convert or not.

Smarta makes growing your business simple.

How Does It Work?

Customised Process, Powered By The Collective

Once you have gained access to the platform you will be prompted to add your business. A dedicated concierge will help you build your profile, connect with trusted Smarta suppliers to save money on your current business expenditure and create your own rewards program. Promote yourself and explore opportunities with other members – whether it be buying from or collaborating with – and earn rewards for network interaction.

Invite friends to grow your Smarta connections and earn points as they spend. Smarta saves you time and money, grows your business and gives you access to unique introduction.

Who Are We?

Knowledge Is King, Network Is Key

A global group of like-minded business leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, fixers, creatives, investors, philanthropists and people 'in the know' who believe together is better. As we all know, nothing beats a referral. We believe business is personal, people buy from people and who you work with makes all the difference. Smarta exists to help you connect the dots, expand your horizons and build profitable relationships.

What Is The Point?

A Proven Behavior Change, A Smart Reward

The Smarta rewards point is a secure, native currency that drives collaboration and facilitates trade. The point allows members to earn for their continued loyalty and award gratuity to their customers and colleagues for word-of-mouth marketing. Points are used to incentivise action, acquire and engage customers and build brand loyalty. They allow you to work Smarta and generate more at lower cost.

Our points never expire or devalue, can be transferred between members and can be redeemed universally for business or pleasure – the possibilities are endless.

Work Smarta

Leverage Your Community, Increase Profits

Loyalty is a hard-earned emotion and acquiring customers is expensive. Reward points are the best way to build lasting business relationships, mobilise your network to refer like-minded people and effectively grow your customer base. Smarta will help you build customised rewards and referral programs that turn brand ambassadors into your most cost-efficient revenue driver.

Work with a proactive account manager whose extensive experience will help you generate business inside the Smarta network, employ our rewards framework to enhance your external marketing strategies and thank your most valued customers with fully flexible rewards they'll love.

Play Smarta

Next-Level Lifestyle With A Personal Touch

We redefined rewards so there is no limit to your loyalty. We aim to provide you with as many places to spend your points as possible. The platform offers fantastic opportunity and, through global contacts and exclusive relationships, our concierge team is perfectly positioned to service any personal request. Simply redeem your points anywhere in the world using your Smarta rewards card.

Where Do I Sign?

Join The Network Today And Start Earning Rewards

Sound too good to be true? Don't worry there's no catch, just collaboration. The platform is free to join and there is no obligation to spend so relax, you can sign-up to have a look around before you add your business and start networking.

Get Smart