Smarta Rewards


Shop at many of your favourite high street stores or restaurants offering rewards back or browse our reward directory to find local business who offer Smarta Rewards.


You can use your Smarta Rewards card anywhere that accepts Visa card payments both in-store and online.


Earn Rewards for shopping both in-store on the highsteet and online using your Smarta Card.

Are you a business owner?

Gain access to a fantastic range of business services. We make it a great deal easier to retain your loyal customers. Our online reward system allows you, as a business owner, to increase your profits by rewarding your most valued customers with fully flexible rewards they’ll love.

Our business services are available to suit a wide range of budgets, and will promote your company across Smarta and our third party platforms, including Smarta News.

Engage with businesses within the Smarta platform offering services you already use at preferential rates and earn rewards.

How it works.


just click "get smarta" - we only need a few details and remember No Credit Checks*


We will quickly confirm by email that your card will arrive within 5 working days.


Activate and top-up from your Smarta Account.

Shop. Save. Spend.

from big high street names plus vouchers and discounts are all yours.

Get Smarta.

Getting your Smarta Rewards card couldn’t be simpler one online form and it’s yours Since it’s a Prepaid Visa® Card, there’s no need for credit checks

Just click the ‘Get Smarta’ button, provide us with a few details once your account is active you can make a payment of just £10 to order your card.